Daisy Hill

Daisy Hill is an Aboriginal artist and proud descendant of the Muruwari people from NW NSW, currently living on Yugambeh Country (Gold Coast). Daisy’s art style can be described as modern and contemporary. She paints intuitively, the same way her ancestors did. Daisy feels an overwhelming connectedness to her thoughts, feelings and spirit when she paints. She describes the painting process as being deeply spiritual and meditative. Daisy has a passion to tell stories and strives to keep the traditions of her people alive.

“It is a way for me to feel connected to the Motherland – the trees, water, sand, sun, earth and animals. I paint to convey the beauty I see in all things and to express my gratitude and acknowledge the Country I am walking, living and breathing. I feel so grateful that people want to invest in me and my culture,” says Daisy.

This artwork represents the rainbow spirit, the creator of all connections between hearts, souls and spirits.
She is the sunshine that comes after the rain, her energy is warm, positive and uplifting and if you could see it, it would be all the colours of the rainbow.

This artwork represents the rocks in the creek bed. They are all different shapes, colours and sizes, just like
we are, however, every rock is made up of the same core ingredient, the Earth. When the water stops rushing and settles in the creek, each rock finds its place in amongst one another. I look into the water and it’s the one that stands out from the rest, it has charm and beauty and sparks a sense of joy within me. I pick it up and hold it. It is you, my heart-shaped rock.

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