Our Environment

We support better choices.
We support the Environment.
Here’s to mindful giftware.

Every day we make strides towards building a more eco-conscious and sustainable system. By recycling and reusing materials, reducing harmful materials throughout our supply chain and educating those around us, we are taking one step forward towards supporting a healthier future.

Our impact behind the screen:

So you’ve received your gold Wine Tumbler, Lunch Bag, and your wee one’s Silicon Stacking Cups, you look down at the pile of packaging at your feet and wonder where you stand in terms of sustainability. You’ll be happy to hear that we recycle material, reuse materials, and are constantly working to reduce waste.

We are actively reducing the amount of plastic we are using in our packaging.


  • We are redesigning our Australian-made packing range by introducing paper wrap cards and swing tags for many of our items, instead of plastic boxes..
  • We are also swapping our glasses case and safe keepers plastic boxes for recycled plastic boxes that also incorporate plant-based materials
  • We are not using single poly bags for items anymore. Items are bagged in multiples of what they are sold in now. So, for example instead of 6 poly bags used for 6 items that will now be one Poly Bag!
  • We have replaced our plastic postage bags with compostable postage satchels for our retail orders.

Our impact beyond our offices:

The environment needs all of us to get on board with preserving it. Here at AT HQ we educate those around us every day. We make sure to help spread sustainability throughout the retail space.

We consistently work with our suppliers to recycle plastic where they can. Win: A lot of our suppliers are now starting to use poly bags made from recycled plastic.

Reuse & Reduce:
We are avidly supplying increased reusable products for our retailers to help cut out single-use products (shopping totes, water bottles, coffee cups, etc.). We want retailers to sell products that will build communities, not harm them.

Our impact at AT HQ:

It is important to practice what you preach. Here at AT HQ, we make positive environmental contributions where we can.

Our Gold Coast-based team is part of an initiative to recycle and support our community. We work together to collect bottles and additional recyclables to TOMRA Recycling Centre, any money we earn from this goes back into a sustainable or community project.

Other sustainable efforts at AT HQ include:

  • Recycling harvested rainwater from our 15,000 lt water tank for toilets, cleaning, and gardens.
  • Dedicating ourselves to composting.

Annabel Trends is also proud to announce that we have been awarded 2-Star ecoBiz Partnership. Our team has accomplished an 11.6% reduction in our energy usage and a 58.5% reduction in our water usage since the 2014/15 baseline period.

At Annabel Trends we are, by no means, perfect, however, we’re committed to change. We promise to grow a business with the environment in mind and to continue to help educate our consumer-base by providing them with opportunities to make better environmental choices.

Annabel Trends is committed to sustainability by recycling, reducing and reusing materials across their supply chain. Since joining the ecoBiz program in 2015, they have reduced their energy intensity by 28% and their water intensity by 66%.

The ecoBiz Star Partnership is calculated based on a demonstrated decrease in resource intensity (resource use in relation to organisation activity). To be eligible to become a Star Partner an organisation must show a 10% decrease in their resource intensity for at least one of the following three categories: Energy, Water or Waste. In the subsequent years following this, the organisation needs to continue a 10% drop in resource intensity from the baseline year to maintain their status. If this is not applicable for the organisation, then the ecoBiz Sustainability Coach can recommend Star Partner status on a qualitative basis.