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Spa Trends – Konjac Under Eye Masks


This is a set of 7 eye masks to be placed under the eyes to help reduce fatigue and puffiness, increase hydration and help you feel energised and fresh.  The masks are made from the konjac root and are infused with essential oils with various properties.  Peel the tray to open and gently place a mask under each eye and leave on for up to 10 mins.  Remove and gently massage in the moisture residue and remove any excess.  The masks are soothing, brightening and hydrating. Plant based and biodegradable. Match you mask with your mood or event with any of these, Charcoal to detoxify, Ginger to restore & rejuvenate, Lemon to brighten dull dark skin, Aloe Vera to cool & hydrate, Lavender to help protect against wrinkles, Blueberry to combat inflammation & aging and Rose water to soothe and protect.  Suitable for all skin types, one use only. Box Size: 11cm x 8cm x 4cm

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