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Super Max & Bryce – Socks – Comfort


As with all of our gifts, these super soft socks are covered in stars that send love, hope, happiness and comfort to all of the superheroes in treatment and their families. Pop them on, put your feet up and show everyone the “comfort” you have in your socks, COMFORT on your soles with comfort in your soul. With every pair of socks you purchase, you are giving a pair to a parent/carer of a child in treatment for cancer in Australia or New Zealand through the Super Max & Bryce project. These Comfort “one size fits most” socks are 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex (they will fit most men up to size 12 and women size 6 and up). Here’s hoping these soft and comfortable socks will warm your heart as well as your feet.

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