Camp like a pro: our top camping essentials for Easter

Aussies and camping are a match made in heaven. Like Vegemite on toast or a cold beer on a scorching hot day. There’s just something about the great outdoors that speaks to our spirit. Whether it’s cooking over a campfire, sleeping under the stars, or just getting away from it all with friends and family, camping is part of our DNA – especially over the Easter holidays. 

Let’s be real, though. Even the most seasoned camper can sometimes forget the essentials (toilet paper, anyone?), which is where our top camping essentials come in to save the day. 

Stay cool and refreshed

Stainless steel drink bottles are like the superhero of hydration. They’re tough, versatile, and always up for an adventure. That’s why we love our Watermate drink bottles. They keep your water cold for 24 hours or drinks hot for up to 12 hours. So, whether you’re trekking through the bush on a hot day or lounging around the campsite on a cool night, these trusty bottles have got your thirst covered. And let’s not forget the environmental impact of using a reusable bottle. You’re not only reducing waste but also showing the planet a bit of love. So why settle for lukewarm water in a plastic bottle when you can have an icy refreshment on hand all day long? Plus, with a range of colours and sizes to choose from, you can make a style statement while you’re at it. Hydration has never looked so good.

Step in style

Do you want to enjoy camping without sacrificing your comfort? Look no further than our brand-new gummies for your next trip. With their slip-on design and soft, supportive memory foam footbeds, your feet will feel like they’re walking on clouds as you navigate the rough and rugged terrain of the wilderness. Plus, their durable rubber soles provide great traction and slip resistance, making them perfect for small hikes, fishing, and even just relaxing by the campfire. With funky colours to choose from, you can step into your next trip with style. 

Eat on the go

When camping, meal times often involve being on the move. Cutlery on the go offers a great solution with its comprehensive set, which includes a spork, knife, straw, straw cleaner, and bottle opener. This stainless steel set comes neatly tucked away in a secure case with a practical hook which makes it easy to take on the go. Take your meal up to the nearest secluded spot or bring lunch along and enjoy it by the river while having your cutlery conveniently attached right to your bag.

Sit back while keeping your food fresh

When you’re out in the great outdoors, a comfy chair is a must-have. But what’s even better than a regular chair? A chair that doubles as a cooler bag and a backpack! 

Our picnic cooler chair combo is the ultimate outdoor adventure accessory. It’s perfect for those times when you want to sit back and enjoy a cold drink or snack while taking in the views. And when you’re ready to move on, just pack up your goodies and sling the bag over your shoulder. It’s that easy! Plus, with the cooler bag built into the chair, you’ll never have to worry about your drinks getting warm or your food getting soggy. 

So, go ahead and kick back with our picnic cooler chair. It’s the perfect way to stop for a quick break and keep your snacks fresh on any adventure.

Swing, relax, and unwind

Swaying in a hammock with the gentle breeze blowing through your hair as you stare up at the starry sky above is the ultimate recipe for relaxation. A hammock is a perfect way to unwind and let the stress melt away. Whether camping in the wilderness or just lounging at the campsite, a hammock is an ideal addition to your next camping adventure. 

Not only are our hammocks comfortable and versatile, but it also allows you to nap, read a book, or simply chill out. The set comes with wide straps for securing to trees and carabiners for clipping onto the straps. You’ll be kicking back and relaxing in a flash.

Camping is a fantastic way to get outside, explore nature, and spend time with loved ones. With these top camping essentials, you can ensure your next adventure will be stress-free and comfortable. So pack your bags, grab your gear and hit the road knowing you have everything to camp like a pro.

Happy camping!