Inexpensive Gifts for Wine-lovers

We all have that one wine-lover in our lives. Or maybe you’re the wine-lover yourself. Whatever the case, gifts are always in order. English poet John Keats once said, “Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.”.

Let’s set you up for such a picturesque reality like Keats’, but add a little extra glam!

Pour yourself a glass and have a read on our top 10 affordable gifts for wine-lovers.

Rose Gold Wine Tumbler

A true wine-lover knows that this kind of gift is a must-have! With BBQs being planned, beach picnics on the list, camping trips being lined up, and garden parties on the horizon, this item is the perfect gift. Stainless steel, double-walled – we promise your drink will be chilled for hours. And hey, it’s a glam look too!

Stainless Steel Wine Bottle

If you’re thinking of buying the Tumbler, you might as well throw this cheeky gift in too! Classy, practical, and functional. Gift receivers will love you, and if it’s for you, we promise you’ll love it too. Fits one whole bottle of wine!

Picnic Wine Carrier

Take your beach day set up one step further: Picnic Wine Carrier. A wine -lover’s gotta-have! Holds two bottles of wine. Not only is it cute, but natural wicker baskets are on trend – makes for a stellar Instagram post!

Dotted Scarf

Okay, picture this: A grassy hill somewhere, neck scarf or head scarf classily wrapped, wine in hand. Dare we encourage wine drinking in style? Great for wine-lovers who wouldn’t mind drinking wine with Audrey Hepburn.

Shopping Tote

This is what the environmentally-conscious wine-lover in your life has been missing to transport their wine! Multiple fun designs available, but we love this one: Wild Wine Wednesday?

Hip Flask

Sometimes Mummy needs her medicine! Perfect gift for a hiking trip with friends who have a good sense of humour. This polished stainless-steel hip flask holds a glass of wine (235 ml), how perfect?

Cook With Wine Apron

This one is for your foodie wine-lover! Style this quirky-quoted apron with your next red wine braised beef dinner; a splash of wine for you, a splash of wine in the dish.

Glam Slides

Channelling Sex and The City vibes: perfect for the wine-lover that wants to look glam while drinking wine with her gals on her couch. Grab these slides, a glass of wine, favourite snack, a bunch of friends, and a good red lipstick. Ignore anyone that says you can’t pair red lipstick with pyjamas.

Velvet Kimono/ Soft Bath Robe

You’ve already bought the slides for the glam wine lover, might as well pair with this bath robe. And hey, maybe that said wine-lover is a Fella, he deserves a soft bath robe too!  Perfect gift for the lounging wine-lover.


You’d be surprised by how handy these wine coasters are! You need somewhere to place your glass between sips. And the affirmative quote on it will encourage the wine-confident self – you’re welcome.

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