With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning for the perfect gift that will show mum just how much you care.

Instead of opting for the standard flowers and a card this year – not that there’s anything wrong with those, but let’s face it, they ultimately end up in the rubbish bin and stuffed in a drawer somewhere – this year we’re offering some thoughtful alternatives that’ll last longer than a week.

The Perfect Gift for: Mums Who Need a Treat

We all know the one… she’s busy planning family dinners, organising everyone’s to-do lists, helping out with extracurriculars, hosting a neighbourhood get together, and somehow still manages to squeeze in 50 hours of work every week. Long story short, she’s the mum who deserves a treat that will leave her feeling pampered, appreciated, and most important of all, relaxed.

Our Coconut Dream Bath Bomb paired with a cosy Bath PillowEye Rest Pillow and Microfibre Spa Wrap make the ideal dreamy combo for a treat yourself kind of day your mum won’t soon forget. 

The Perfect Gift for: Fit & Healthy-Conscious Mums

For the mums who check their email while biking a light 10k, or water the garden wearing weight belts while sipping their morning coffee, we have the perfect gift recommendations that will finally make you the favourite this Mum’s Day. Unless you already are the favourite, in which case this should seal the deal.

For those mums who take pride in healthy living, we love the stylish range of Fitkick boat and water shoesWatermate Active Pack with a reusable water bottle and matching walking belt, and Feel Well Massage Rope for those occasions when even mum feels a bit of post-gym tension. 

The Perfect Gift for: Artsy Mums

Did your mum redecorate your childhood bedroom the same day you moved away? Is she constantly rearranging furniture, swapping paint colours on walls, and adding new plants and quirky lawn ornaments to the yard? Fear not, my friend.

For the mums who love to spruce up their home domain, we recommend gifting them a fun Garden Party Lantern, colourful Pom Pom Throw, printed Tapas Tray, or hand woven Twist Table Ware Bowl. Not only will they add the right pop of colour to mum’s favourite room or outdoor space, but you might even score a few decor points of your own in the process.

The Perfect Gift for: Sentimental Mums

Sure, she might shed a tear of joy over the fact that you even remembered to tell her “Happy Mother’s Day” at all, but that doesn’t mean your sentimental mum doesn’t deserve something a little more. Whether she still clings to your childhood art projects like priceless gallery pieces, and always sat front row at every choir concert or rugby game, it’s time to show her a little appreciation for all she has done.

Grab the ‘Best Mum in the World’ Ring Dish paired with the screen printed Super Mum Apron and I Love You Socks and get ready for more tears… hopefully of the happy variety.

The Perfect Gift for: The Fashion-Forward Mums

Whether she’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to new fashion trends or receives loads of compliments on her ability to pick out the most fashionable outfit pieces and accessories, mums who are choosy about what they wear can also be some of the most difficult to shop for.

For a safe gift that mum can easily pair with some of her favourite outfits, the Palm Leaf Grey Scarf or one of our Flat Snap Glasses Cases in classic gold or black are sure to make her smile this Mum’s Day.

We hope our gift suggestions come in handy this Mother’s Day, and we’re wishing all of you mums out there a gorgeous day of celebration and relaxation; you deserve it! Thank you for reading, and be sure to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can see mum’s reaction!