Christmas is fast approaching and with all the candy canes and tinsel comes many great times and of course, many headaches. We’ve all been guilty of leaving our Chrissy shopping to the last minute at one time or another, creating a tumultuous task when it comes time to actually picking a present. What if we told you there was an easier way? Rather than doing the usual last-minute gift scramble, why not try a different approach these holidays? To help you get everything under control, here is a list of our best tips for picking the perfect present this X-mas: 

1.    Send a meaningful messageRather than thinking about what they might want or need, start to think about what kind of message you want to send the gift recipient. What do they mean to you? What wonderful memories have you shared together? What would you like to tell them? It could be, “I love and appreciate you,” “I miss you,” or even “take care of yourself.” Whatever it is, sending a personal message is a much more intimate way of gift-giving and the result is vastly more valuable than simply buying something they need – so forget about the socks and jocks! 

2.    Write a list of everything they’re interested inWhat does the person love to do, see, hear or watch? What makes this person who they are? This is a really fundamental step in picking a present as it can help us narrow down from the millions of gift ideas to a specific theme or topic that really resonates with the giftee. Obviously, people are made up of many interests and you’ll probably come up with heaps of dud ideas, but you’ll also touch upon some really cool ones too.  

3.    Make it fun!The silly season is just that – a time to be silly! One of the best ways to give a memorable gift is to find something that makes them laugh. Get creative with it, even the wrapping! This is where you can start thinking about something they might want or need (but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves) and really exaggerate it. Think of something really simple that they love; this could be a colour, a food, a character, the list goes on. Do they love watermelon? Surprise them with a whole bunch of prezzies with a funky watermelon print. Or maybe go a bit more literal and buy them 5kg’s of watermelon! Whatever it is, make it fun and give them a chuckle when they open their stocking on Christmas morning. 

4.    Give a present that resembles who you are as the gift-giverMake it personal by giving a little piece of yourself in your present. Obviously, we don’t want to get them a gift that we love if they would hate it, but the idea here is more about presenting them with something that reminds them of you or some of the special memories you’ve shared.  

5.    Give them a special experience Half the fun of receiving a gift is tearing through the wrapping paper, so why not go all out with this? You could try triple wrapping it so it’s super hard for them to open. Alternately, if you’re gifting them something small like jewelry, why not hide it in a super-sized box that will completely throw them off the trail? Something to really get them guessing until the very end. Still struggling for ideas? Getting organised for Christmas doesn’t have to be a headache! Whether you’re shopping for your nephew, your friend or your great, great grandmother, Annabel Trends is the one-stop-shop for all your Christmas needs.