Products for Improved Sleep

It’s the new year, and with the new year comes new goals. Many of us have “improve sleep” on our resolution list, “go to bed earlier”, “turn off phone a half hour before bed”, “work on sleep habits” – we hear you, it’s on ours too. In order to have our bodies work at their full capacity, we’ve got to let them recharge. Not even superwoman can function without proper sleep.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a list to improve the quality of your sleep, and items that will have you falling asleep faster. Grab a cup of chamomile and, go on, fill your shopping bag – good dreams await you. 

Gel Eye Mask

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and tensions and say hello to relaxation. Our gel eye mask is amazing for winding down after a long day. Pop it in the fridge, grab yourself some tea, lavender essential oil on your temples – you deserve to rest.

Also, an amazing aid for sinus pressure. How about less snoring?

Lavender Pillow Sachet

Did you know that lavender can improve sleep? Put our lavender pillow sachets in your pillowcase and feel calm settle in. Hot tip: Lavender also helps kick insomnia and anxiety – you’re on your way to a good night.

We’re Closed Eye Mask

Need total darkness to sleep well? We’ve got you covered – literally. Today our bedrooms are packed with all sorts of lights: computer screens, phone screens, bathroom lights, just to name a few.

Being exposed to room light during sleep suppresses melatonin levels by more than 50%! Melatonin levels will impact your circadian rhythm, and ultimately impact processes such as energy production, sleep, collagen production, and mood regulation. And that’s just the impact of room light, imagine the rest of the light!

Let’s support your sleep, let’s avoid light at night, cue our eye mask – soft, witty, unique, and impacting you in a huge way! All beauties need their beauty sleep.

Eucalyptus Pillow Mist

Relax, sleep, and recharge with our Eucalyptus pillow mist. Simple spray this dreamy spray all over your pillow, room, and breathe deep. Eucalyptus is also a great snoring-aid.

Relax and Unwind Bath Bomb Set

Every Goddess deserves a bath.

Have a luxurious one with our relax and unwind bath bomb set. Prepare your body by taking the ultimate relaxation plunge and step out smelling like Honey & Vanilla (Pure Honey scent), Rose & Peony (Roses scent), and Sweet Orchid (Relaxation Unwind scent).

Did you know that by taking a hot bath your body’s core temperature lowers which signals the body that it’s time for bed? Magic.

Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Did you know that Elizabeth I of England used to take baths in salts, milks, and dried eucalyptus to make her skin gleam and to unwind? You can pretend to be royalty too – our Eucalyptus Bath Salts are the perfect addition to your pre-bedtime routine.

Getting your sleep routine in check is a process and ironically doesn’t happen overnight! Pick up a couple of these dreamy products to get your sleep schedule in check – welcome relaxation, welcome an improved quality of sleep, and welcome a healthier you.

Want more ideas to relax and unwind before bed? Take look at some of our other spa and pamper must- haves and let us know what you think!