Style your pooch with these gorgeous pet accessories

If your furry friend is anything like ours, they’re more than a pet – they’re part of the family! Our family members deserve the best, so why not let your pooch strut its stuff with some gorgeous pet accessories?

For the beach lovers

It’s no secret that our pooches love the beach. Some would say more than we do. But, despite our best efforts, we often find the entire beach has made its way home with them. Whether in the car or scattered around freshly cleaned floors, it’s an endless battle. Luckily, we have the perfect solution! Slip a beach hoodie towel over your sandy mate. The hoodie is made from microfibre material designed to soak up the water from their swimming adventures and help save you from the aftermath of mess. It’s also the perfect accessory to use after a doggy bath. 

The ultimate pet accessory

Bandanas are the accessory that every pup needs to show off their sense of style. Not only do they add a splash of colour and flair to any pup’s wardrobe, but they’re also a great way to express your pet’s personality. So whether you choose bright and cheerful patterns or classic solids, there’s no doubt that dog bandanas will make your pooch look their best. 

Stylish collars

A collar is one of the most essential items for your pooch as they provide an extra layer of protection and safety. But safety doesn’t have to look dull! Our collars are the perfect match for harnesses and leads. 

Lead the way

Make sure your furry companion is always ready to lead the way.  Try a snap & stay 2 in 1 leash. This fantastic accessory is ideal if your pooch gets easily distracted on walks. Gentle padding around the adjustable loop ensures your dog’s neck will be protected while pulling. When fitted correctly, it releases to offer them a relaxed fit. The clasp easily unclips and re-locks in a snap, meaning you can secure your pooch in seconds. Perfect for those coffee runs! Can’t drink your coffee and hold the lead at the same time?

Our multipurpose rope leads will also have you looking like a dog-walking pro. Simply attach it around your waist and enjoy the freehand experience! The multiple loops allow you to create your handle length or even walk two dogs at once.  How’s that for versatility?