5 ways to pamper yourself at home

With winter well and truly here, we’ve reached the time of year when self-care is most important. The colder weather can be a source of discomfort, and with shorter days and less sunlight, we can all succumb to the winter blues. The best remedy is to be kind to yourself, and this can start with having your very own pamper party at home. 

Here are 5 ways to pamper yourself when you have some ‘me’ time in the house.

Soak in the bath with scented bath bombs & fizzers

Why not start the day with an indulgent soak in the bath? Scented bath bombs and a comfy bath pillow can help you relax and prepare for the day, utilising aromatherapy to attune your body to what lies ahead. You will emerge feeling cleansed and refreshed, with a positive mindset to approach whatever challenges may come your way.
Don’t have a bath? No problems. You can also step up your shower game with one of our divinely scented shower steamers made with pure essential oils.

Complete your skincare routine

Skincare is great for making you feel confident and cleansed, so really dedicate some time to it. A hydrating eye mask or facial mask is an important step here – it forces you to take some quiet time and does a lot of great work on your skin in the process. When you complete your routine, you will feel even more refreshed and ready to move forward with your day.

Snuggle up and read a book

Get warm and snug in your favourite comfort clothing and take advantage of the quiet. Reading is a great way to de-stress – it doesn’t strain your eyes and there is no noise to clutter your mind. You can simply lounge in warmth and silence whilst enjoying an engaging story, snuggled in your favourite robesocks or slippers. Or even better, add in one of our lush heat pillows to really indulge in the experience.

Book a mobile massage (or sweet talk your partner into giving you one)

If you want to really make the most of this self-pampering experience, nothing beats a massage. As well as relaxing your mind and body, soothing any aches or tightness and letting you bask in some peace, a massage (when performed by your partner) allows a beautiful moment of closeness between the two of you. 
Hint: our memory foam Breathe Easy Pillow is magic when it comes to breathing comfortably on your stomach.

Cook an indulgent winter meal

As the perfect finisher for your pamper party at home, why not rustle up a meal fit for a queen (or king)? You might choose your favourite comfort food or something super healthy to complete the day’s cleansing experience. Whatever works for you, just take advantage of the fact that food can unlock a profound sense of satisfaction and indulgence, so treat yourself.

Final thoughts

With your day of self-care complete, you should be feeling de-stressed and ready to get back into normal life. The winter doesn’t have to give you the blues – dedicate time to care for yourself and you will maintain peace and positivity even when the outside world throws challenges at you. Never forget to take care of you.