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    Jac Slade is a Surface Pattern Designer from the beautiful Central Coast near Sydney, NSW. She loves sketching flowers, birds, and animals and turning them into bright, bold and fun surface designs that enliven your day. She has a BA in Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and freelance designer in the marketing sectors for 17 years. After a variety of design roles, she found Surface Design and very quickly fell in love with the world of patterns and textiles. Her inspiration comes from nature, the beach, travel and vintage designs. She loves diving into books on vintage 60s fashion, Florence Broadhurst wallpapers, Indian florals and Japanese kimonos and seeing where the inspiration will take her.

    28 products
    twist fan - tropicana
    twist fan - good vibes - heart - candy twist
    twist fan - tropicana twist fan - hello cockie twist fan - good vibes twist fan - shelly beach +8
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