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Maggi McDonald

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    Sydney based artist & designer Maggi McDonald is known for her bright, happy artworks and her love of pink.  Maggi’s vibrant abstract artworks can be found in collector’s homes all over the world and her designs are available on a range of products including fabric, wallpaper & stationery.

    "Painting is the axis to my spinning wheel, the stillness in the chaos. When I paint I feel intrinsically connected to the universe - my art is very much a reflection of the way I see the world and trying to make sense of my place in it. I want to let people know that art is abundant, accessible & has the power to inspire, effect change and create joy.

    37 products
    twist fan - tropicana
    twist fan - good vibes - heart - candy twist
    twist fan - tropicana twist fan - hello cockie twist fan - good vibes twist fan - shelly beach +8
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