Baby decor: DIY baby room decor ideas

Whether it’s your first time welcoming a newborn or you’ve had some experience in the baby department, we’ve got plenty of DIY baby room decor ideas for you and your family.

Take a read through all of the top tips and nursery ideas for planning your baby room and let’s get your DIY baby room decor project well and truly underway. 

Less is more

Rule number one – avoid clutter.

When planning your baby decor, keep in mind that less is absolutely more.  

Although you’ll want plenty of toys to keep your new bubba entertained, you’ll also want plenty of storage space so you can clear them away when you want to enjoy quiet time. A good idea is to invest in only a few key pieces of furniture.

You’ll need a good quality crib, a baby-proof chest of drawers and a toy tub or storage solution big enough to hold all of those toys. The chest of drawers can also double as a changing table which saves money and most of all – space.

Choose a theme

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of planning your baby decor is picking a theme.

You might want to check out some nursery inspiration sites and create a mood board with your favourite before deciding on which theme you want in your baby room. 

Some of the most popular themes to consider could be dinosaurs, cars, princesses, rainbow or animal themes among many others.

For animal-themed baby rooms, you’ll want to check out the Annabel Trends’ wide range of adorable animal rattles and teethers, as well as our range of animal lovers toys and accessories. 

It’s all about lighting

Lighting is key to encouraging your bub to sleep regularly. 

Whether that be in the middle of the day or at the crack of dawn, blackout shades and heavy curtains will be your new best friend.

Another must-have in your baby room is a nightlight. You can either purchase one from most baby stores or have a go at DIY. You can buy a nightlight bulb at most hardware stores and get creative with an old lamp, or create your own nightlight clouds… The opportunities are endless!

Over time, with dark shades and a nightlight in your baby room, your newborn will begin to learn when is rest time and when is playtime, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

Add some art

Pops of art can make all the difference in bringing your baby’s room together. 

Why not scale the internet for your favourite prints or pictures, print them out and frame them. Ta-da!

Or if that baby brain has given you a wave of creativity, why not have a go at drawing or painting your own works of art? It’ll be that much more rewarding when your friends and family come around to visit and ask where you got that masterpiece!

Think practically

Last, of all, you’re having a baby! Make sure you’re planning and arranging your baby room layout practically.

You’ll need nappies in close reach, plenty of storage and of course, baby wipes – everywhere! 

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