From beach runs and grocery shopping to the perfect airplane attire, choosing the right footwear for the occasion is a never-ending task for women, men and children of all ages.

If you’ve ever regretted wearing your favourite pair of heels halfway through the work day or your sneakers always seem to rub new blisters on your heels, we highly recommend checking out our latest footwear obsession, the ultralight and ultra-comfortable Fitkicks.

Extreme Comfort

Made primarily from a combination of polyester, elastic and nylon with a microfibre toe patch, the inner sole of each Fitkick is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) for ultimate flexibility and softness. The durable FlexForm sole contours to your foot, allowing for complete range of motion, and the ergonomic design makes them feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Ideal for an Active Lifestyle

Because of their lightweight, form-fitting design, Fitkicks are an excellent choice to wear for both land-based and water-based activities. Rock them while paddle boarding to protect your feet from sharp rocks or reef while getting in and out of the water, or to the park or gym for low impact workouts of all kinds. These shoes are ideal for every situation, from running errands around town to commuting to work and relaxing in the backyard.

Fold & Go Convenience

Weighing less than 90 grams, Fitkicks are easily foldable, making them a great choice for your next trip either locally or abroad. Whether you’re planning the ultimate city escape or a laid-back beach trip with friends, Fitkicks are designed for all occasions in all locations. They can be hand or machine washed in cool water, and simply left out to air dry for the best results.Chic DesignFeaturing a minimalist shape and design, Fitkicks are available in a variety of stylish colours and patterns, including classic black for Ladies and Men, as well as colourful patterns like the Ladies Coco Palm or  Lush Life for those who want to add a little flavour to their look. The easy, slip-on design also makes them an excellent choice for kids as there are no laces or velcro involved!

Excellent Value

As opposed to the discount water shoes you have to throw away after one day at the river, Fitkicks are durable enough to withstand as much action as you’re willing to give them, while still being offered at a very affordable and reasonable rate.

Grab them as a gift item for a loved one – or even better, yourself – and see why we recommend these footwear gems to all of our customers. Shop our range of Mens, Womens & Children’s Fitkicks online or call 07 5593 4755 for more information.