Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas lunch invites have been sent out, stockings are hung, and Michael Bublè and his Christmas carols have awoken. You know what’s next… you’ve got to start checking presents off your list. That’s where our team steps in; for your enjoyment and benefit, we’ve put together a unique categorised gift guide that will help you shop for even the most difficult to buy for. 

Nothing says ,“I appreciate you” more than a well thought out, personalised gift. Have a read, add items to your list, we promise they’ll love anything Annabel Trends. 

The Gardener

Want stylish gardening? We’ve got just the gifts for the gardening lover on your list. Protect their hands with long-sleeved gardening gloves (our favourite is our Down Under Green fabric), and offer them our delicately printed Garden Tools Set that will have all the other gardening folk in the neighbourhood peeking over their fences in envy.

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The Chef

We’ve all got that one person on our list that loves all things food and kitchenware. Set them up with a couple of gifts that they didn’t know they wanted. 

Our new Ocelot Apron is already the talk of the kitchen, but it will also add to that wild talented persona they have while cooking up a storm. 

Have you met our Double Walled Stainless Steel Wine Bottle ? We know, sounds grand! The chef in your life will love this for those days outside behind the BBQ, or if they’ve curated a picnic. Keep their drinks chilled for hours, this gift comes in a variety of colours, but we love it in gold. 

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The Glam One

They would win the prize for the glammest every time. They know how to pamper themselves and they always look good without even trying. They’re in the know about trends, and they love anything canvas or velvet. A couple of perfect gifts for them: our Palm Leaf Bucket Bag and our Pink Crushed Velvet Kimono

The Palm Leaf bucket bag is effortlessly in-style and it goes with so many outfits: take it to the beach, the shops, to brunch, travelling. If the glam one in your life would prefer it in black, we’ve got that too. 

Soft, dreamy, luxurious – need we say more? Our Crushed Velvet Kimono range is a customer favourite. 

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The Kiddos

Shopping for kids is always fun, colours are brighter, items are functional and innovative. Pick up our Crochet Lion ( he’s got a couple of other animal friends in our collection: Cat, Fox. Moose, Horse) and a pair of our Tippy Toe Walkers

Any of our stuffed animals will surely be a success with any kiddo, and the Tippy Toe Walkers are great for the kiddos that have just started walking. Our Tippy Toe Walkers are super supportive, flexible, and even stylish. The perfect gifts for kids!  

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The Traveller

And they’re off on a new adventure! You know the type, always ready for their next opportunity to travel, and they probably have a list somewhere of the places they want to visit. 

For the travel-fanatic: our Syzigium Yellow Toiletries Bag and our Travel Velvet Jewellery Box (available in Pink, Champagne, and Teal). Travelling in an organised manner makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Why not gift organisation in style?

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The Fit One

Crossfit on Mondays and Wednesdays, a 5k run every weekday, and a hike, bike, and surf on the weekend. You know the active ones – we’ve got you covered on the gift front. 

Gift a bit of style and protection with our Fitkick Folding Cap (available in Aqua, Black, Grey, and Pink). Easily packable, lightweight, quick-dry, adjustable, and provides UV50+ protection – this cap is a well thought out gift. 

For the days when they’re spending their time in the sand, the surf, and the sun – keep their belongings safe from all the elements with this durable PVC, double-stitched sealed seamed, watertight Extra Large Drysak. Functional and technical, they’ll love this unique gift. 

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The Beach-Goer

You’ll find them on the beach at least once a day. They send you the text, “Keen for a beach session?” a couple of times a week. The best gifts for them? Our Aussie Beaches Picnic Rug for a sand-free beach picnic, and our Palm Poncho Towel to dry up after a swim (available in Pink and Navy). Both gifts are functional and comfortable, these items are a must-have for the beach-lover. 

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Loved these suggestions? Want more ideas? Check out the rest of our site. Happy holidays and happy gifting!