Creative ways to cut costs on your wedding day

Picture this. You, your fiancé and your entire guest list dancing the night away. A gorgeous ring, delicious catering and the most iconic French champagne all make an appearance. But how do you make it happen without spending thousands? 

At Annabel Trends, we want to help you to keep it simple. Making your celebration look both stylish and fun is still possible without breaking the bank or digging into your home savings. All you need is a few creative wedding ideas and you’re on your way. 

Get inventive with your invitations

Designing, printing and posting invitations can get pretty expensive, not to mention the impact all that paper has on the environment. Sending a short video or an animated gif as a ‘save the date’ invitation is both easy and novel. Plus, you’ll find thousands of apps you can download to create a personalised digital invitation for free!

Opt for reusable glassware

Rather than stocking the shelves with disposable cups (or single-use glass), gift your guests with a beautiful glass tumbler that they can reuse throughout the night. You can also set the tables with a refillable carafe or wine decanter for a touch of sophistication while making sure your guests don’t have to constantly head back to the bar.

Ditch the bartender

Before you start freaking out, we’re not suggesting a party without alcohol. Much better than that, we recommend you offer a DIY cocktail bar. Print two or three classic cocktail recipes, bring the alcohol and any mixers you might need and set the stations with some of our Stainless Steel Cocktail Shakers. And if your guests aren’t exactly savvy with a shaker in hand, offer premixed drinks, mini wines and beers to ensure smooth sailing.

Homemade wedding favours

Avoid candles, bottle openers, coasters and hand fans as a wedding favor. If you have any talented friends or relatives, ask for help! In every family, there is a baking enthusiast that will be thrilled to bake yummy chocolate cookies for your guests.



Keep everyone entertained (especially the kids)

This bocce set offers a fun guarantee at such a low cost. If you’re celebrating your wedding in a backyard, park or even the beach, this game will make sure your youngest (and oldest) guests enjoy the entire day. Creating a playing corner with games is not only easy but also a great idea. Just remember: you bring the balls, kids make the rules!