Finding the perfect baby shower gift

Finding the perfect baby shower gift is a bit like navigating a jungle of options, isn’t it? But worry not! We’re here to guide you through and help you land on something both delightful and practical. 

Best baby shower gifts for baby

Crafted with love, the Plushie Pal toys make great companions for the tiniest tots. Available in baby and large sizes, these plush toys feature six delightful designs, each with an embroidered heart detail. Whether it's bedtime snuggles, imaginary journeys, or moments of comfort, these plush toys promise to be a great baby shower gift.


Picture this: your little bundle of joy snuggled up with the softest, most adorable bunny security blanket. The Plush Snuggle Bunny is a delightful baby shower gift for any gender. Crafted with a velvety inner and a plush outer layer, this bunny will become an instant favourite, providing comfort and endless moments of joy.

Introducing the Curly Bear to our delightful lineup! From its sweet, embroidered nose to its soft, curly fur this bear is crafted to melt hearts. And why stop at one? Collect all four, including the equally charming Curly Bunny in cream or pink. These cuddly toys make the perfect companions for little cuddlers seeking some soothing comfort. 

Keep the giggles coming with the charming Hand Rattle Knit. These rattles are not only visually appealing with their adorable designs but also entertain your little one with squeaks, crunches, and rattles. A perfect baby shower gift combining playfulness and comfort.

Transform bath time into a cuddly adventure with the Bear Ears Hooded Towel. Made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, this generously sized towel with bear ears is perfect for growing cubs. Choose from three sweet pastel colours and pair it with the Bear Ears Wash Mitt for extra bath time fun!

Baby shower gifts for mum

Now, let's not forget the glowing mum-to-be! Here are some fabulous baby shower gifts for mum that will make her feel like royalty. 

Who says comfort can't be stylish with this gorgeous Midnight Blooms Bath Robe? Oversized and oh-so-cozy, it allows mums to effortlessly transition from pregnancy to postpartum comfort. Whether you’re snuggling up with your little one, enjoying a quiet morning coffee, or simply unwinding after a long day, this robe is there to embrace motherhood. 

Give the gift of relaxation with the Linen Heat Pillow, the perfect companion for aching muscles. Filled with heatable/chillable silicon beads, this odour-free heat pack is a spa-like treat for the mum-to-be. Effective relief meets luxurious comfort. It's a thoughtful baby shower gift for mum-to-be pre and post-birth to ease any discomfort.

Pamper her senses with the sweetest-smelling shower steamers in the cutest flower shape. The Floral Escape Shower Steamer Gift Box brings a spa-like experience to the comfort of her home. A perfect way to indulge in some self-care amidst the joys of motherhood.

For those moments when mum can enjoy a glass of wine again or simply use it for her favourite coffee, the Wine Tumbler is a versatile and stylish choice. It's a practical yet chic accessory for the multitasking mum who deserves a moment of relaxation.

Parents-to-be already have so much on their plate that any thoughtful baby shower gift will be deeply appreciated. As we celebrate new beginnings, these practical and heartfelt gestures become tokens of support, making the journey ahead a little smoother.