Latest Community Support

Here are Annabel Trends we take pride in supporting the community through various forms of donating. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting the community that supports us, and have chosen a variety of charities to share our love and happiness with.
We recently received some good news from our friends at Country Connect with the latest impact report of how our donations have made a positive impact on the First Nations people they support. 

  • 3 Communities Nhulunbuy, Ramingining & Galiwin’ku
  • 7 Homelands Gurrumuru, Gangan, Wandawuy, Baniyala, Yilpara, Yirrkala & Gunyangara
  • 100+ Yolngu people received reading glasses.

A little thank you note from Country Connect:

We are thrilled to share the tremendous impact of your generous contributions over the past year. Your support has been instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

In September, we received generous donations of reading glasses and aprons, which were distributed across the communities of Nhulunbuy, Laynhapuy Homelands, Galiwin’ku, and Ramingining. These donations have had a profound impact on the daily lives of many individuals in these remote areas.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your trust and support. Here are some stories from beneficiaries and team members whose lives you’ve touched.

Ramingining is a remote Aboriginal community located in North East Arnhem Land, over 580km from the nearest town or city. Home to approximately 800 residents, with an additional 300 people living in surrounding remote homelands and outstations, the community faces significant isolation. Recently, donations of eyeglasses and aprons were distributed to over 50 locals, enhancing their quality of life and enabling greater participation in various activities.
Ramingining local Irene Durrurrnga received reading glasses and cooking aprons, which have significantly enhanced her ability to engage in activities she enjoys and benefits from.
With her Annabel Trends glasses, Irene now participates in art and craft activities with greater ease. The improved eyesight has allowed her to enjoy these activities for longer periods.
Additionally, since receiving Annabel Trends cooking aprons, Irene can focus on her culinary activities more effectively, without worrying about spills on her clothing. The aprons also provide added safety and protection.


Galiwin’ku, the second largest Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, is located on Elcho Island off the Arnhem Coast and is considered the most remote community in the region. With a population of over 2,000 people, the local residents face numerous challenges due to the community's isolation and lack of services.
Thanks to your generous donation, a significant number of eyeglasses were delivered to the community. These eyeglasses, provided by Annabel Trends, have been distributed to locals who likely experienced vision difficulties for extended periods. This donation has significantly improved the lives of many in Galiwin’ku, enabling them to participate more fully in activities they enjoy and benefit from.

The Laynhapuy homelands, nestled in the heart of remote East Arnhem Land, represent some of the most untouched and isolated areas in the country. Many individuals in these homelands regularly face shortages of essential items due to their geographic isolation and limited access to services. Your generous donations of eyeglasses and other necessities have brought critical support to these communities, addressing immediate needs and improving quality of life in a region where such resources are often scarce.
 Your generous donations have reached homelands including Gurrumuru, Gangan, Wandawuy, Baniyala, Yilpara, Yirrkala & Gunyangara


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