While our winter weather tends to be fairly mild, it is still one of our favourite reasons (and seasons) to cuddle up by a fire, sip hot chocolate and revel in the cool breezes. Some of our top recommended winter essentials we’re loving this season include…


Warm feet equal a warm body, and this year we’re not taking any risks. Our newest Heat Feet Microwaveable Slippers are so luxurious you’ll never want to take them off. Simply microwave the included silicon bead pack, slide it into the bottom of the slippers, and kick back in absolute warm-toed bliss. Choose from our Mink, Musk and Arctic Blue varieties and treat your feet to an endlessly warm winter.

Bath Robes

While you may feel guilty about lounging around the house with your favourite book in the middle of summer, winter is the ideal time to carve out a little more ‘you time’ in ultimate comfort. Choose from two colours of our breathable yet ultra-warm Bath Robes, which also include deep pockets, rolled sleeves and a hood for extra convenience and comfort.


Any seasoned winter traveller knows the key to staying warm is layering. Our range of colourful women’s scarves come in a variety of materials and patterns to keep you looking stylish and functional this coming season. Layer your scarf over soft tees and cardies to add a bit of chicness to your winter wardrobe.

Heat Pillows

A safer alternative to hot water bottles, our range of patterned Heat Pillows and kids’ Animal Hotties are sure to keep you warm all night long. With absolutely no chance of leaks, the heatable silicon beads can also double as a cold pack in the summer months. The kids will love the charming animal designs, made with a removable knit cover.


Add some extra warm comfort to your bed or lounge area with our Giant Pom Pom Throws. Choose from four colours and either double knit or woven depending on your preference for texture. These throws are so super soft and luxurious you’ll never want to get out from under them.

Draught Stoppers

Keep those super cold breezes where they’re supposed to be: outside! Our range of Draught Stoppers come in handy for those cold winter nights when you want to cover all your bases and lock in the heat.

Ankle Boots

Last but not least, our Gummies Ankle Boots are perfect for those rainy and muddy days when you want to keep your feet dry without the hassle and heaviness of full sized gum boots. Choose from red, slate and green, and wear them to take the dog out, garden, on a boat, camping, hiking and to run errands with dry feet!

Staying warm this winter has never been easier with Annabel Trends! To stock up on all your winter warmers, head to our website & shop online today!