Beginning July 1st, single-use, lightweight plastic bags will be banned from all major retailers across Queensland and Western Australia, joining the initiatives of other states like the ACT, Tasmania and South Australia. While Victoria is set to follow, New South Wales remains the only state without a proposed ban in place. 

We recognise the importance of keeping our country – and earth – free from further unnecessary waste, and are proud of Queensland for taking a huge, environmentally-friendly step in the right direction.

You can also do your part to minimise your impact on the planet by following a few easy steps.

Refillable Water Bottles

Instead of buying single-use water bottles over and over again, our range of 500ml Watergate Drink Bottles, 550ml Glass Bottles and 700ml Infuse Bottles make the perfect alternative for your home and office. By making a small investment in a refillable water bottle, you could rid the environment of hundreds of plastic bottles per year, and save yourself money in the process. 

Reusable Tote Bags

Because establishments like Woolworths Supermarket have led the way in the ban of single-use plastic bags, it is important to remember to pack a reusable tote bag when running errands, grocery shopping, and going to the beach. Our large Tote Shopper bags are a chic alternative to plastic, and fold down into a small pouch for easy carrying. In addition, our Zoo Portrait Shopping Totes make a great gift item, and are ultra lightweight and convenient. Keep one in your home, car and at the office so you always have one near!

Personal Coffee Cups

A growing trend across the country, bringing your own coffee cup or travel mug to your favourite cafe is not only a ‘green’ thing to do, but can even earn you a discount in some forward-thinking locations who want to reward their customers for being environmentally-friendly. 

Help Queensland in our quest for a cleaner planet, and re use where you can!