Romantic anniversary date ideas to spoil your loved one

It’s easy to fall into a routine with your loved one. While cuddling on the couch is great, it’s important to keep the spark alive. Your anniversary is the perfect time to reignite the romance.

If you’re not sure how to plan for your anniversary, or you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, we’re here to help. Here are ten of the best anniversary date ideas!

Treasure hunt

Write up a series of clues and hide them around the house. The final clue leads to the prize – whether that’s tickets for a concert, or yourself in the bedroom, is up to you!

Home pamper-package

Bring the spa home with you. Fill up the bath, add some bath bombs and light some candles, then see who can give the best massage. Don’t forget the champagne!

Something new

What’s something you’d never do, not only as a couple but on your own? Fishing? Hiking? Live Art Classes? For a creative way to celebrate your anniversary, bond with your partner by being total newbies at something together.

Classic dinner-date

There are so many anniversary dinner date ideas. From your first-date restaurant or that new place you never get around to trying, to a fancy restaurant with formal dress or somewhere casual and close to the bowling alley. Every couple is different, but going out and sitting opposite each other for a meal is always special.


A chance to really get away from it all – just you, your partner and the great outdoors. Even if you’ve never been camping, this can be a great adventure and chance to reconnect. Swapping screen time for star-gazing over a beautiful picnic spread is actually one of the most romantic anniversary ideas.

DIY date

Who says home improvement has to be stressful! Pick a project that isn’t too intricate, like painting a feature wall. Get your supplies ready in advance, put on some music and get to work. Chill a bottle of something nice in the fridge for when you’re finished.


Commemorate your anniversary with some professional photos. It doesn’t have to be formal – you could spice it up with a boudoir shoot in a beautiful, velvet number. Or, if you and your partner have a shared hobby or favourite movie, make that the theme.

Cooking class

Work as a team to create your perfect anniversary meal. You can do it at home, with an online teacher, or find a couples’ cooking class – many places offer them as a fun anniversary date idea.


Roleplaying can add some extra spice to your anniversary. Whether it’s a fantasy in the bedroom or pretending to be strangers meeting in public, it may end up becoming a very special anniversary tradition.

Hotel stay

Get away from the unfolded laundry and chores by booking a hotel room (particularly one with a nice pool or fancy restaurant you can make use of). Tell the hotel it’s your anniversary when you book – you may get a complimentary bottle of wine.

Your anniversary is a chance to step out of the ordinary day-to-day and show your partner how much you love them. Whatever creative ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary you choose, remember to connect with your partner and celebrate your love.