Unique Birthday Present Ideas for Every Milestone

For the most part, finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one can be a tricky task to tackle. Do you pick something they need, something they want or something they would never buy for themselves? In our opinion, all 3 are great routes to take.

To help you find the perfect present, have a read of our milestone birthday gift guide including all our top present ideas to help you steer clear of the dreaded gift voucher.

18th Birthday Gifts

Velvet Jewellery Box

You can count on jewellery as a gift for an 18th birthday, so what better way to complement that then with a gorgeous velvet jewellery box to keep it in? These fabulous boxes come in 2 sizes, 2 colours and have multiple compartments for necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

Travel Wallet

18 is also a common time for setting off on overseas holidays. Help your loved one keep everything safe and all in one place with an in-flight document wallet. These handy wallets are large enough to hold passports and travel documents while being compact enough to carry around or stash in the suitcase.

21st Birthday Gifts

Gold Wine Bottle

For a special 21st birthday, these beautiful gold wine bottles make a great gift! As well as looking a little bit flashy, these versatile bottles feature double walled stainless steel to keep wine and other drinks cold for up to 12 hours!

Gold Wine Tumblers

If you’re planning to go all out with the gold wine bottle, you’ll definitely want to pair it with matching wine tumblers! Made from the same stainless-steel materials, these tumblers also help to keep your drinks cold and make a wonderful present for anyone on their 21st birthday.

25th Birthday Gifts

Crushed Velvet Kimono

For those turning 25, it’s always nice to treat them with a little luxury! These stylish crushed velvet kimonos are a fabulous gift to help pamper your loved one. Pair it with a day spa package and you’ve got the perfect 25th birthday present.

Fluffy Eye Mask

At a time where work or study might be squeezing out all their energy, treat your 25-year-old friend or loved one with a fluffy eye mask to help them catch up on some sleep! These luxurious little eye-masks are super comfortable and great for blocking out the sunlight for a deep and restful sleep.

30th Birthday Gifts

Round Hip Flask

While they might not be partying as much as they used to, 30-year old’s still like to have fun! With the help of these engraved hip flasks, they’ll be able to take the party wherever they go.

Champagne Bucket

For more sophisticated gatherings, spoil your dirty 30 with a textured champagne bucket and keep the bubbly flowing all day long! Perfect for parties in the backyard, at the park or at a BYO venue.

40th Birthday Gifts

Bath Bomb Gift Set

With a busy career, kids to look after and a house to run, 40 is often a pretty hectic time for most people. Help your newly 40-year-old loved one to relax and unwind with a beautifully scented bath bomb set that show’s them you’re thinking of them.

Wine O’clock Coasters

With so much going on at this stage of life, you’re probably going to need to make time for wine days, too! These fun Wine O’clock Coasters come with a range of fun quotes and patterns to remind your loved one to see the lighter side of life.

50th Birthday Gifts

Super Soft Waffle Robe

50 is often an age where you want to relax a little bit more and enjoy some downtime. Spoil your loved one for their 50th with a super soft waffle robe in baby pink or royal blue! We dare you to try and not relax while you’re wearing one.

Glam Slippers

A pair of glam pom pom slides will make the perfect complementary gift to a luscious robe. Soft and fluffy, these gorgeous slippers take the pressure off busy feet and keep them warm during the colder months.

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