Winter relaxation for mums-to-be

As a new mum-to-be, you are living one of the most exciting times of your life. However, it can also be exhausting and not always easy – making winter the perfect time to relax. Take the winter season to focus on yourself and your pregnancy, enjoying some serious self-care.

If you are someone who never slows down, read on to discover some top tips for relaxing during your pregnancy.

Stay warm with a snuggly bathrobe

Staying warm in the winter, even in our generally pleasant climate, can be tricky. When the nights draw in, you want to be able to relax in style and comfort. A beautiful bathrobe is essential for this – and a stylish and snuggly one is ideal for feeling your best while still allowing you to unwind.

Soothe sore feet with a soft pair of slippers

As your pregnancy progresses, you will find that your body notices the difference! You may expect to need new clothes and for your back to ache, but your feet will also be a little sorer than usual. A soft pair of slippers are an easy way to ease your feet after a long day.

Get a better night’s sleep with a beautiful eye mask

Getting all the sleep you can before the baby arrives is very important. A good night’s sleep can help you to get through your pregnancy feeling fresher and more able to tackle whatever comes next. A soft, fluffy eye mask can help you to drift off to dreamland more easily, giving you the energy you need to enjoy your new life as a mum-to-be – whether that means decorating the nursery or throwing a baby shower!

Relieve aches and pains with a self-love heat pillow

Pregnancy can cause all kinds of different aches and pains – some you may expect, some you probably won’t. These body aches can keep you from sleeping well, and a heat pillow can help you to position your body better and benefit from some much-needed heat on those achy places. Whether you are enjoying a restorative nap or hoping to get a good night’s sleep, this pillow will help you rest your head. 

Find time for relaxation with a warm bath

Baby, it’s cold outside – and you need to warm up most indulgently. New mums find it famously impossible to find time for themselves. Getting a shower in might prove to be difficult when the little one arrives! So take advantage of these months before your baby is there to carve out time for a relaxing bath. With bath pillows and bath bombs, you can enjoy the most luxurious bath every time. So grab a cup of tea, a good book and embrace these quiet moments while you still can.

Take care of your skin with a beautifying eye mask

Your skin can suffer in the winter, whether you are pregnant or not. The combination of cold air outside and warm air inside can cause your skin to dry out and look dull. When this happens at the same time as pregnancy hormones, you might not feel your best. A beautifying eye mask is a wonderful way to provide hydration and a fresh glow to your skin. Why not enjoy one at the same time as your warm bath and truly feel pampered? After all, you deserve it!

With these tips in mind, you can make the most of your pregnancy by taking care of yourself, your body and your mind and feeling relaxed and ready when your baby arrives.